“I had perfect teeth until I broke a tooth on popcorn and needed a crown. It was never comfortable and eventually I needed a root canal. When that did not help, the root canal was redone and then I was told it needed to be removed. My mother-in-law suggested Dr. Fain. Within 10 days I was completely comfortable and have been for the last two years. What a relief to keep my tooth. Tooth grinding had caused my pain.”


“After unexpectedly losing several teeth including some front ones, my periodontist referred me to Dr. Fain for restorative dentistry. After doing several crowns and a removable bridge which snapped tightly into several implants, I am very pleased. A happy patient!”


“As a longstanding patient of Dr. Fain, I have had consistent, high quality dental care.  Additionally, I have established a very positive relationship with him and his staff. A visit to Dr. Fain's office has always been a positive experience for me and my family.  Dr. Fain takes the time to make sure I understand each procedure.  He and his staff demonstrate a caring, supportive atmosphere for every patient. Dr. Fain is a great dentist that has continuously treated me and my family with a kind heart and gentle hands. I regularly recommend Dr. Fain to friends and their experience is consistent with mine.”


“I came to Dr. Fain after half a lifetime of poor teeth, fillings in every tooth, many crowns and re-crowns.  In the process, my bite no longer matched and eating became difficult.  I went to 3 different restoration specialist dentists and essentially all said the same thing:  a complete dental restoration was in order or I would probably face full-mouth dentures.  I quickly decided on a restoration and questioned in detail each dentist about how he would approach the job.  It became apparent that Dr. Fain was the specialist that I wanted.  You can't learn all of the nuances of restoration from dental school; experience is a big factor.  Dr. Fain showed me before & after photos of some of his work.  He agreed to break the project up into smaller, more manageable pieces to better fit my schedule and financial resources.  He answered thoughtfully all of my questions and was realistic with his answers.  (No, I probably would not look like George Clooney when it was all done!)  I went with Dr. Fain and about 3 years later, I had a new mouth!  That was at least 3-4 years ago and since that time, I have not had any problems.  Bottom line:  I can unconditionally recommend Dr. Fain and his staff for any kind of dental work.  Everyone there is thoughtful, careful and sensitive.  What more could you ask for?” 



"Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude." —Colin Powell