Our Services

Maintaining health and appearance over the years or returning to a more youthful condition are realistic goals with today’s dental technology. Whether you desire a more naturally beautiful smile, a more stable, healthy, disease free environment, or stronger, more comfortable teeth, we can help you. We can help you determine and achieve your goals and objectives while taking into consideration your circumstances and your budget. No matter how small or how great the challenge, we are prepared, experienced, and trained to provide a very high level of care, skill and judgment. By taking a comprehensive, long term approach and utilizing today’s technology, our dental team can achieve excellence in restorative dentistry.


Restorative Dentistry
When certain conditions occur in the mouth, a comprehensive approach is beneficial. This is especially valuable when major dentistry is in your future. Multiple restorations due to extensive decay, broken teeth, failing dental work, missing teeth, advanced gum disease, smile changes, and bite problems are some of the conditions which deserve a thorough analysis. Sound expensive? It can be. Knowing your goals and objectives and developing an optimal plan can help you avoid losing dental work prematurely and provide the best results in terms of comfort, function, appearance and health. Multiple crowns and/or veneers, implants, bite alterations, fixed and removable prosthetic appliances, and tooth color changes along with protective night guards are some of the types of treatment which are utilized in advanced restorative dentistry.

Esthetic Dentistry
Enhancing smiles is an important aspect of today’s dentistry. Whitening teeth, straightening teeth with braces, and placing tooth colored restorations are at an all time high. People are living longer and want to maintain a youthful look. What is considered an average, acceptable level of appearance has risen over the last 25 years. More is expected and more can be accomplished with today’s tooth colored crowns and veneers, bonding, reshaping teeth, recontouring gums as well as whitening and braces. We can help you understand your options and show you a comprehensive album of our previous accomplishments. Visit our Photo Gallery for examples.

Implant Dentistry
Our dental team, including specialists and technicians, has been a part of implant dentistry from its beginning in the 1980s. Dental implants that replace missing teeth can function and look like natural teeth. They can support crowns, partial dentures, and dentures to maintain and restore a strong secure bite. By participating in study clubs and implant company sponsored courses, Dr. Fain stays current with the latest technical improvements in implant dentistry. He uses an analytical approach assessing the benefits, the risks, and the costs as well as other treatment options. Just because a procedure can be done, does not mean it is always right for you. Implants have been a valuable asset to many of our patients.

General Dentistry
Disease control, repairs, and maintenance are the major focus of general dentistry. Cleanings, other preventive procedures, fillings, root canal treatments, and single crowns make up the majority of these services. Routine maintenance, early detection, and monitoring potential problems yield the least amount of dental work and the best long-term results.


"If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" —John Wooden