Before/After Photos

When patients ask us to help them find a dentist in another town, the first place we look is for before and after photos on a website. Digital photography is a powerful educational tool for dentists as enlargements allow us to see how to do it better. When this tool is used, the best will find their way to a website. I look for the quality of the photography, the variety of problems solved and of course the final results.

The edges of the teeth form a silhouette against the shadows of the mouth. Irregular, worn edges are corrected with ceramic crowns to make a noticeable difference.

Sometimes teeth and dental work wear out prematurely. Multiple crowns and one implant create a complete smile makeover.

A wide space can be an unwanted distraction. Closing this space with braces and redistribution of space among six crowns transform the appearance.

A poorly made crown created a gum problem which led to a second opinion. Its correction along with other changes with braces, gum repositioning and six ceramic restorations achieved the smile this young lady wanted.

Unfortunately, an implant procedure performed by this UT student’s hometown dentist produced a nightmare result. Two years, a new implant and multiple procedures later the results are amazing.

My high school classmate got her smile back after living with these five veneers and one crown for over 20 years.

As the result of an unfavorable proportion, this long crown draws undue attention. Nine months of orthodontics and one crown transform this smile.

Wear and tear and previous dental work compromised this patient’s appearance. New restorations were a game changer for this smile.

Clenching and grinding can destroy teeth and dental work. Bite realignment, multiple crowns and a night guard returned this mouth back to normal.

What a difference ceramic restorations on the upper front four can make along with reshaping of the lower front teeth and whitening.


"The excellence is in the details." —Gregory L. Sullivan