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On your first visit, we want to get to know you and will strive to address all aspects of your dental needs. Knowing your goals and objectives as well as your circumstances are the first steps in developing a plan. Identifying and understanding current problems along with potential problems in the future are other pieces to the puzzle. It is helpful to not only consider present needs but also to look at what might be ahead in the years to come. We welcome a collaborative approach to your dental care as well as your questions and thoughts. For driving directions, please visit the Contact Us page.


If you have dental insurance, we will submit your claims and provide any requested supporting information. Dental insurance plans are a contract between you and your insurance provider, and we have seen hundreds of different plans with different benefit packages. Dental insurance, unlike medical insurance, is designed to provide more coverage for low cost procedures and less for major dentistry. We are not preferred providers for most plans because this would limit utilization of new technology and some types of services which we routinely provide.

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